Nov. 18th, 2004

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Ember rolls over in her sleep, a troubled look on her face. She's dreaming, and perhaps these dreams will mean something...

She's standing on the Bridge of Destiny. But instead of the sun symbol being at the other side, it's the universe. The end of the universe. Milliways. She looks back. She sees two moons, and a rock that looks like a howling wolf.

What is the matter, chiefling?

She looks around, looking for the source of the voice, when she realizes it's in her head. A sending. Off to the side of the bridge, where there should be open air, a white figure approaches. It is Timmain, in wolf form. The white wolf stops right in front of her.

Why am I here?

Is this not where the Trial of Heart was performs, two years before you born?

Yes, but that doesn't explain why I'm here.

Yes it does. You must also face the Trial of Heart.

The wolf stares at her with endless eyes that contains the sky in them.

You are in love.


But he is not an elf.

No, he is not.

Yet you still love him.


Do you want him to become smaller?


You love him the way he is.


Do you want to become taller?

Do you want to?

A little bit, but not completely.

He loves you.


Size does not matter, Chiefling. Look at Dewshine and Tyldak. Skywise and Aroree. Even Shuna and Kimo have a bound. One was taller than the other. It did not matter. Love doesn't depend on size.

Follow your heart chiefling. You will return one day. But right now, it is your turn to travel the stars...

Ember wakes up with a start. She holds her head in her hands, and then looks up at the sky.


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