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Ember gets up and moves away from Teir. Usually, she sleeps wonderfully in his arms, but this time... she's restless, and her mind keeps wandering.

Wrapping herself in one of Tyleet's blankets, she leaves the caves. Patch looks up, whining, but she reasures him with a scatch behind the ears. Content, the wolf lays his head back down. Ember continues walking, heading toward her favorite rocks. She looks around, making sure no one is nearby, before settling herself now. She sighs.

How do I keep getting there? It doesn't make since. There is no connection. First when I was in the Palace, next when I was going into the troll caves, then when I was just walking, and this last time when I slipped down that hill chasing after that wolf. She absently mindlessly rubs her left arm where Mender healed it.

Why all those times? I wish I could understand. I wish I could tell someone... Ember looks back guiltily toward the caves. Teir knows something is the matter. Usually I can tell him everything. Him or Mender. But for some reason, I can't seem to tell either of them about this. Why?

She lays her head on her knees, staring out into the plains, thinking. What is with me? I feel so different. That place... it's changed me, somehow. She sighs. That still doesn't tell me how I got there. I want to know so badly. She blinks. Or do I really? It would be easier if I could control it, but if I learned how, perhaps it won't work anymore. I won't be able to return. I won't be able to see my new friends. I won't be able to see... She blushes and shakes her head. She shouldn't think about him. Not now. Not after being with Teir.

She sighs again, and thinks back to when she was in the Palace with Sunstream. What was she doing when it happened? What...

Ember gasps, sitting up. She knows. She knows how she got there. Standing up, she runs back to the caves. Careful not to distrub Teir, she digs through her clothes. Finding what she's looking for, she sneaks back outside, but this time only to sit against the rocks right outside of the cave. She holds up what's in her hands, dangling it from its rope of hair. A shard of crystal glints in the moonlight. A piece of the Palace, seperated by Ahdri. So that the Howling Rock Wolfrider chief would always be connected to her twin in more than one way. The rope was made of hair, just like the original rope of Skywise's lodestone.

Looking at the crystal, she remembers. Sunstream had been putting it around her neck the first time she arrived at Milliways. And then the other 3 times, it had fallen out of her top. Well, one of the times she was playing with it as she walked. The shard must have been what sent her there.

Ember's eyes widened as the crystal began to glow. "Oh, d..."


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