Oct. 15th, 2004

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Ember sat on the rocks, looking up at the stars. After talking with Gil, she had left the bar with new confidence, and ended up back on the Palace. She had hugged Sunstream, startling the dung out of him. He had asked her if she was ok. It turns out that she had only been gone from the Palace for a second, and he never realized that she was gone.

Was it the Palace's doing, since it can jump through time? Or was it Milliway's, which sat on the edge of the universe? Ember had no idea. She choose not to tell her tribe about her adventures, for reasons she couldn't explain, although Mender and Teir could tell that something was bothering her. They knew not to pry, though.

Is this how Cutter felt when he found out that there were more elves than just Wolfriders? When he learned that humans could be allies and friends?

Ember thought of Penny, the girl who was first to extend her hand in friendship to the lost elf. She thought of the half-elf-half-human, that, although afraid of elves, talked to her. She thought of the animal in troll armor, who couldn't get it through his thick skull that she wasn't a human. She thought of the scary man, who brought out the worst in her.

And then she thought of Gil. The... What was he anyway? He had never told her. But he wasn't human. And he wasn't elf. He was like Timmorn Yellow-Eyes, half person, half beast. He had been very kind to her, none the less, giving her the stength to get back home.

Ember blushed as she thought of under what curcumstancs they had first met. She didn't understand what she was feling. It was stronger than what she felt for the tribe as a whole. Yet it was different from what she felt for Mender and Teir.

Ember sighed. As much as she had wanted to go home while she was at the bar, she now wanted to be back there.


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